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Is WhatsApp taking too much space on the phone? Follow the tricks

WhatsApp storage issues

Day by day WhatsApp users increasing, presently it had over 1.2 billion users globally. you definitely realize that the service eats a ton of phone storage.

Here is the thing that, the capacity isn't actually consumed by the application however by the data your contacts send on it, like images, videos, etc.

WhatsApp media files are downloaded automatically, making serious storage issues.

Is WhatsApp taking too much space on the phone? Follow the tricks

WhatsApp media files can gather into a major piece

WhatsApp's messaging background is altogether upgraded by its file-transfer capacities.

Consistently, individuals share a great many images, videos, locations, and contacts while communicating on the service.

Notwithstanding, after some time, this data, especially GIFs/images/videos, piles on into a major lump taking gigabytes of extra storage.

This, the same number of may have effectively experienced, is particularly obvious when you don't perform normal tidy up of phone memory.

Here’s how can change the setting

WhatsApp storage issue originates from its capacity to download media files automatically. The setting is enabled by default yet can be killed physically by the user, enabling them to control what to download and what not to download. 

Subsequently, you can download select significant files and save much more memory on your phone.

The most effective method to disable automatic media file downloads on Android 

If you use WhatsApp on Android device, go to the 'Settings' section of the application and tap on 'Data and storage usage'.   

From that point, look down to 'Media auto-download' and tap on 'When using mobile data'.

Then, untick the boxes for photos, audio, and videos to disable automatic downloads.

Additionally, repeat a similar procedure for 'When connected on Wi-Fi' and 'While roaming' options.

How to disable automatic media file downloads on the iOS device

iOS users likewise need to make a beeline for Settings>Data and Storage Usage to disable automatic media download.

In any case, for this situation, rather than connection types, file classes are listed straightforwardly.

This implies you should simply tap on the file type, as Photos or Videos, and tap 'Never'.

All set, files won't be downloaded automatically.

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