Monday, 29 April 2019

How to use Gmail’s schedule email tool to send e-mails later

Schedule e-mail in Gmail

Google's emailing service ‘Gmail’ got a helpful new feature - called 'schedule e-mail'. 

The capacity was declared recently, which means at this point it ought to have hit both your phone's Gmail application just as the web variant of the service.

Presently, on the off chance that you need to plan an email utilizing the new device, here's a well-ordered guide.

How to use Gmail’s schedule email tool to send e-mails later

To begin with, how about we perceive how scheduling emails can enable you to out

With this new scheduling feature, you can design an email to be sent sometime in the not too distant future.

This could be for tomorrow, at some point in the following week, or any day in the following years to come.

The component can enable you to send work/school projects, wishes, and can come helpful when you have numerous main jobs.

How to set up this scheduling emails feature on Android and iOS device

In case you're sending an email via Gmail application, compose the message and tap the three-dotted symbol on the upper right corner.

At that point, tap on 'Schedule send' to open a pop-up with various scheduling options, including a 'Pick date and time' button which will give you a chance to characterize when you need the email to be sent.

When that is done, click 'Save' to confirm.

Setup this feature via Gmail for web

For Gmail web, you'll need to compose the email (with its recipients) yet as opposed to searching for the three-dabbed symbol, you have to tap the dropdown arrow alongside the 'Send' button.

This will show the 'Schedule Send' option which you would then be able to use to pick the date and time for scheduling.

How you can cancel a scheduled e-mail

This should be possible by making a beeline for the 'Scheduled' tab/folder form the main menu and hitting 'Cancel send' in the wake of opening the scheduled mail being referred to.

In any case, do take note that you need to do this before the scheduled time.

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