Thursday, 9 May 2019

Google Android Q mobile OS with new features and improvement

Android Q new features

Android Q new mobile OS from Google, will touch base as a noteworthy update over the current Android 9 Pie rendition.

Google has launched Android Q Beta 3 at its I/O 2019 event while uncovering a portion of the new features like Live Caption, Focus mode, system-wide dark theme, and also other privacy and security features.

Google Android Q mobile OS with new features and improvement

Beginning and end to think about the Beta 3 update

Android Q Beta 3 is currently available for devices including all Google Pixel phones, ASUS ZenFone 5Z, Essential Phone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus 6T, OPPO Reno, Realme 3 Pro, Vivo X27, and others.

Eminently, Pixel cell phone users should select their devices with the Android Beta program to get Android Q Beta 3 via OTA update.

Here’re the new features:-

1.  System-wide Dark Mode

Google has at last presented a system-wide dark mode on Android. This necessary element offers a UI with a dull theme, taking into account decreased eye strain and battery saving, at any rate on OLED screens.

Developers will most likely form their own dim topics, or they can pick another Force Dark component that gives the OS a chance to make a dark theme.

2. Gestural navigation and smart replies 

Google has presented in Android Q another completely gestural navigation mode that evacuates the navigation bar zone. Presently, you can trigger Back, Home, and Recent navigation via bottom-edge swipes.

Also, there are additionally Smart Reply and Actions features which empower system-provided savvy reactions that are embedded legitimately into notifications of course. Additionally, developers can likewise give their own replies and activities.

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3. Live Caption and Focus Mode

Live Caption is fresh out of the plastic new on-device inscribing apparatus that gives the system a chance to give captions to audio messages, videos, podcasts, and others, over any app.

Google has likewise introduced another Focus Mode include as a component of its Digital Wellbeing activity. It enables users to quiet apps they find diverting as long as they are in Focus Mode (these features will touch base in Fall).

4. New control for privacy and security 

In these new features, users have a more prominent decision over when to give an app access to location while Scoped Storage limits memory access however much as could be expected, notwithstanding for apps.

Privacy features likewise incorporate blocking of unwanted app launches in the background and counteracts online tracking.

5. Project Mainline feature

Google is likewise presenting another structure called Project Mainline. Google says it is "another way to deal with keeping Android users secure and their devices up-to-date regarding significant code changes, direct from Google Play", without requiring device creators to issue an update.

More features and improvement

Android Q also offers Family Link parental controls incorporated with the Settings menu. It enables parents to associate with their child's device and control things like screen time limits, review application use, and even set a device sleep time.

Other remarkable highlights incorporate improved distributed and Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi upgrades, audio playback catch, Dynamic Depth for photographs, and new sound just as video codecs.

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