Google will let you auto-delete your location data

Google is revealing an element that will invite you to pick after to what extent you'd need your location data to be erased.

The ability, which has quite recently begun hitting Android devices, will give you a choice to pick a time of three or eighteen months.

Contingent upon what you pick, Google will store your information for that period and after that erase it naturally.

Google will let you auto-delete your location data both Android and web search

All location information will be expelled

As per Google, the component will naturally erase the information put away in 'Location History' and 'Web and App Activity'.

This will expel all of the location data gathered from ongoing device following and different ways, for example, certain Google sites, applications, and Map service, Search, or Photos.

Disable your location tracking completely

The new element can spare you from the agony of going to Google settings and erasing location data now and again.

In any case, you should take note of that it doesn't stop Google's information accumulation rehearses, just cutoff points them.

In the event that you need Google to quit tracking you totally, you'd need to disable 'Location History' and 'Web and App Activity' settings through and through for user account.

Google will release this new feature in the coming weeks

This new feature has begun taking off and will be available for Google users around the globe in the coming weeks.  

It's likewise significant that Google says 'Location History' and 'Web and App Activity' will be the initial two components that the alternative will be available for.

This implies quite possibly's auto-erasure could be available for a greater amount of your data.

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