Realme to unveil the world's first 64MP camera smartphone

Realme is set to unveil the world's first smartphone highlighting 64MP quad-camera on August 8.

While we've just observed quad and Penta lenses in smartphone cameras just as powerful 48MP sensors, Realme is chipping away at something truly fascinating.

World’s first 64MP camera smartphone is here: Details

According to the teaser mutual by the company, Realme's anticipated smartphone will make a big appearance the world's first 64MP sensor in a quad-lens setup.

Nonetheless, insights regarding the other three sensors and data identified with the handset stay rare starting at now.

Realme going to utilize Samsung's ISOCELL Bright GW1 64MP sensor

In May this year, Samsung had introduced the world's first 64MP mobile camera and we trust Realme's anonymous quad-camera smartphone will utilize a similar sensor.

Named as ISOCELL Bright GW1, the new sensor measures at 1/1.72 inches - the biggest ever for a mobile camera.

Further, it utilizes 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixels and offers an all-out resolution of 64 megapixels.

Here are the features of Samsung's ISOCELL Bright GW1

Samsung's ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor utilizes "pixel-merging Tetracell innovation and remosaic algorithm" to create brilliant 16MP pictures with 1.6µm pixels in low-light situations and exceedingly nitty gritty 64MP shots in more splendid settings as the bigger sensor lets in progressively light.

The new sensor additionally underpins constant HDR of up to 100dB (standard sensors bolster 60dB HDR) and 1080p video recording at 480fps.

Our expectation in Realme's "camera innovation" event

As per the image shared by the company, it's been over a month now that Realme has been working with the new premium executioner.

Considering the August 8 event is titled as a "Camera Innovation" event, it hopes more bits of knowledge about the camera and some example shots, and not by any stretch of the imagination the smartphone.

However, to be honest, we'd like to be refuted this time.
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