Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini, Google's new and latest smart speaker for homes, has appeared in the Indian market just at Rs. 4,499.

The Google Assistant-powered device comes as an overhaul over the old Home Mini and flaunts some significant enhancements, similar to better sound quality, to patch up your experience.

Google Nest Mini smart speaker now available in India at Rs. 4,499

Google Nest Mini: Design

From its vibes, Google Nest Mini looks quite like Home Mini.

Despite everything, you get a flat bowl-like speaker with LED lights under the fabric top cover and microphone slider switch.

Truth be told, the main things that have changed are the new power connector port and cable, and the hook for mounting on a divider.

Google Nest Mini offers dedicated AI chip

Google Nest Mini separated from its antecedent is the incorporation of new hardware.

It has a dedicated AI chip that gloats of 1 TeraOPS of processing power and enables the device to process every one of the commands locally.

It keeps the speaker from handling commands at Google's data centers and, accordingly, makes it more responsive than Home Mini.

The Nest Mini also comes with an audio improvement features

According to Google, the bass of the new device is twice as incredible as it was on the Home Mini, and you will likewise get the experience of a more extravagant and progressively normal sound profile that supports streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, and JioSaavn.

Google Assistant feature smarter

In addition to other things, you will likewise gain admittance to some extra Google Assistant peculiarities on the new Nest Mini. Such as, the Assistant will automatically modify the audio level of the speaker as indicated by the noise levels in the room.

Further, it permits building a speaker system if there are other Nest devices in a similar home.

Nest Mini: Pricing and availability details

Google Nest Mini comes with two color options (Chalk and Charcoal) and available on Flipkart at Rs. 4,499.
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