Windows 10 free upgrade

Microsoft plans to execute support for Windows 7 operating systems in January 2020, it is very important for the upgrade to Windows 10.

Users can easily purchase for about Rs. 9,000 in India via Microsoft official website. But, you can get a free official upgrade.

In 2015 when Microsoft appeared Windows 10, it offered Windows (7/8/8.1) users for a free upgrade, which was ended sometime in July 2016.

However, throughout the years, Microsoft's free tool to upgrade a PC to Windows 10 still works. Then, this technique was tried for the current month itself and it's working.

Upgrade your Windows 10 for free: Follow the steps

How you can use the tool?

For the free upgrade, you have to go to Microsoft's site and download the tool just click 'Create Windows 10 installation media'.

At that point, run the program, and snap-on 'Upgrade this PC now' if the PC you are running the program on is the one that must be updated.

On the off chance that that is not the case, click on 'Create installation media for another PC'.

To continue with the upgrade process, follow the prompts, which will verify the computer's hardware capabilities and upgrade its latest Windows 10 1909 version.

However, if you like to go the second option, it will give a few prompts and save the installation files for this adaptation on your PC. At that point, you can utilize it to upgrade some other machine similarly.

After the upgrade license will be linked digitally

After the upgrade, you wouldn't need to enter a license key, as it will be linked digitally from previous Windows.

On the off chance that you should be sure, go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation and check for a message reading: "Windows 10 is activated with a digital license".

If you use Windows 7 then it is recommended that you go for this free upgrade method. Because windows support no more available, your PC won't get any security updates from Microsoft and would be increasingly powerless against attacks and bugs.
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